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      Wellness Advocate Access

    • Compensation Plan

      dōTERRA® is an extremely generous company! Click on the button below to learn more about the 5 Ways to Earn Money with dōTERRA®!

    • New Enrollee Checklist

      You've got a newbie, now what? Follow these six steps and take care of your new customers and team members!


      Send them a welcome e-mail...

      so they know how to reorder, get support, and join our upcoming events.


      Add them to the FB members only groups...

      so they have a place to ask questions and join our oily community.


      Invite them to the next educational resource class...

      so they know how to take advantage of their membership at the best prices.


      Gift them a resource book or app...

      so they know how to use their oils.

      Check with your leaders to see if they have any extras for purchase or order more HERE or HERE.


      Teach them to use their oils...

      so they gain confidence to use their oils and don't just let them collect dust on a shelf. Meet with your enrollee within 3-5 days of their kit arriving. View a sample Wellness Consult sheet HERE (pages 16-17)


      Serve them...

      so they feel loved and cared for. That's our team culture! If I can help you in any way feel free to call/text me at (612) 749-3424. Happy Oiling!

    • Top 10 Exclusive Member Benefits

      The great thing about having your own business is you get to build how you want! Here are the top 10 resources I can personally vouch for that you'll want to check out. So browse through and then Contact Me for a New Builder Consultation because I want to guide you and support you in whichever direction you want to go!

      Empowered Success Guides

      Download Training Guides

      You have a dream for your business. We have the tools to get you there. The Empowered Success training program is designed specifically with you in mind. Download or purchase the guides and class handouts, and watch the training videos to learn how to get where you want to go.

      Empowered You

      Strengths Finders Assessment

      Completing the Clifton Strengths online talent assessment is your way to: discover what you naturally do best, learn how to develop your greatest talents, and use your customized results to grow your doTERRA business. After you have taken the test, visit doTERRA's Empowered You page to find out how all of your strengths can benefit you and your team in this business.

      Practical Website Design

      Beautiful and Customizable Website or Logo

      Get your own beautiful & personalized website to increase sales/enrollments and support your team. Brand yourself! Getting your own website is quick and easy. Schedule a 10-min initial consultation with Jacque HERE or visit for more info.

      Class in a Box

      doTERRA's $25 all-inclusive Class in a Box

      This kit contains all the necessary items to plan and host a successful class for only $25! Plus you get TEN 5ml bottles of Wild Orange!

      Emerge Sales Training

      Selling & Closing Training

      Learn how to sell or recruit responsibly without making the process suck for your customers or you! Watch this FREE 5 step webinar that will make selling a more enjoyable process.

      MWJ - Dominate Social Media

      Build a dōTERRA Business on Facebook!

      Learn how to build a business on Facebook. Jen teaches you how to create graphics, recruit online, and keeps you up to date on the latest Facebook algorithms. She has over 160,000 likes on her page and a super high enrollment rate by building exclusively on Facebook!

      Aromatouch Technique

      Essential Oil Application Technique

      Learn how to become Aromatouch Technique Certified to support your family and team! Aromatouch Technique involves an essential oil application along the spine focusing on Stress Management, Immune System Support, Healthy Inflammatory Response, and restoring (ANS) Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance. View the website to learn how to conduct an ATT Session or become certified.

      Square Payment Account

      Easily Accept Payments Anywhere

      If you decide to sell essential oils at retail, do vendor events, or have a fee for make & take classes then you'll want to get a Square! It allows you to collect payment with a card where you can swipe it automatically or text/email them an invoice to pay later. It's FREE to sign up and if you use my referral link then we both get $1,000 in free processing and you'll get a FREE reader!


      Essential Oil Guide App

      Droplii removes the barriers to sharing information on Essential Oils. It also serves as your all-in-one business building app, helping you follow up and educate for less. The app includes all of the conveniences of having an on-the-go reference guide.

      Lisa Zimmer Make & Takes

      Have Fun Teaching Make & Take Events

      Learn how to teach a fun Make & Take class where people actually enroll! Lisa also has a FREE Facebook group with all her tips and tricks you can join as well.

      Jody Hoffman's Training

      How to reach the other 96%

      Join Jody Hoffman's facebook group where she provides training and resources for the other 96% of people. Learn skills about how to book a class, hostess coaching, one-on-ones, follow up and more!

      doTERRA in Schools

      Fundraiser How-to's for Schools and Non-profits

      Learn how to do a school fundraiser selling dōTERRA products! Watch her training video below. Marlene also has a Facebook group you can join to learn how to do this easily and effectively.


      Mentoring Program

      PrElite+ is a duplicatable mentoring program for doTERRA Wellness Advocates. Mentor package includes: Digital Mentor Guidebook, Digital Accountability Partner Guidebook, Digital Participant Guidebook & Planner, Private Facebook Mentor Support Group, and Lifetime Access and Updates.

      itovi Scanner

      Health & Wellness Scanner

      Are you tired of guessing which oils & supplements your body needs? Use this hand-held device to discover what your body is telling you. Your customers and you will learn which products support your body best emotionally, physically, or environmentally. It's an excellent tool to educate customers that are unsure of what to purchase.

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