• the Basics

    What are essential oils? How to use essential oils?

    What is an essential oil?

    Essential oils are concentrated potent chemical compounds from the roots, seeds, flowers, or bark of plants. They give a plant its scent and provide protection from outside threats.

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  • How to use essential oils?

    Every oil has at least one of three application methods: Aromatic, Topical, or Internal.

    For Aromtaic Use

    • Breathe in or use a diffuser to open up airways, improve mood, or freshen the air.
    • View the Aromatic Use of Essential Oils e-book for more information

    For Topical Use

    • Use a carrier oil when applying to bottoms of feet or affected areas to target specific needs.
    • View the Topical Use of Essential Oils e-book for extra information

    For Internal Use

    • Place a drop in water, under your tongue, or in a veggie capsule to support the mouth, throat, digestive system, and health.
    • View the Internal Use of Essential Oils e-book for more information.
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