• Hello, my name is Michelle

    I was born and raised in Minnesota, the only state I have lived in! I currently live in Bloomington with my fiancé and have a son in college. We have two cats and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog (that's Quinn in the picture...I'm his person if it isn't obvious how he is staring up at me!).


    Favorite song: Tainted Love by Soft Cell is my all-time favorite song! I do enjoy 80's and 90's era music.


    Favorite movie: The Princess Bride...inconceivable!


    I like to put puzzles together. I like how my mind focuses while working on them; they keep me from overthinking. I am a classic "worry wort", always have been and probably always will be. I worry about every little thing (and I mean every little thing!).


    Let me share my story on why I started using essential oils…


    For years, I had daily head tension*. I was also unable to fall asleep, and when I did, I had trouble staying asleep. I would go days without getting a good night’s rest before taking a sleeping aid. I had anxious feelings* because I wasn’t able to sleep. I was also very sad*.


    I was put on medication to help with my issues. One problem, my body does not tolerate medications well! I would get groggy, jittery, and felt "hungover" when I would wake. It could take 24 hours for the medication to get out of my system and for me to feel back to “normal”. My doctors tried different medications but nothing helped. My options were to continue to suffer with how the medication made me feel or continue to experience my issues.


    I decided to look for natural solutions.


    For years (that’s right, years!) I had been researching essential oils. I didn’t know anyone who was using them so I had no one I could reach out to and ask questions. I wanted to make sure that essential oils were SAFE and would actually HELP me. For Christmas in 2016, I received two diffusers and a bottle of peppermint and lavender essential oils as a gift.


    I started diffusing peppermint at my desk and would apply it on the back of my neck every morning. I had been doing this for a few weeks when I realized that I had not had any head tension in days!


    At night, I was diffusing lavender on my nightstand I read lavender would help me relax and sleep. And it worked, I started getting a better night’s rest!


    I knew that if these two essential oils helped, there had to be other essential oils that could help me with my remaining two issues (and I was right!). There is a hint in my favorites section below...


    I will be the person YOU can reach out to and ask questions!


    *Due to FDA regulations, I am unable to use other well-known words to describe my issues.

  • My Favorites

    Below are a few of my favorite dōTERRA essential oils that I use on a regular basis.

    You will notice that I diffuse...A LOT! I am constantly diffusing while home, camping, and even when I travel.

    doTERRA Adaptive Calming Blend


    Calming Blend

    When I am working, I like to diffuse essential oils that keep me focused and calm. Adaptiv is one of my go to oils while working. It has a sweet, citrusy, floral aroma.

    doTERRA Balance Grounding Blend


    Grounding Blend

    If I am not diffusing Adaptiv while I work, then it is Balance. This blend also helps keep me focused and calm. The aroma of Balance is completely different than Adaptiv...it's airy, fresh, sweet, and woody...absolutely beautiful!

    doTERRA ClaryCalm Monthly Blend for Women


    Monthly Blend for Women

    ClaryCalm helps regulate my emotions all month long. I apply this blend of oils to the bottom of my feet every night just prior to going to bed.

    dōTERRA Melissa essential oil


    5 mL

    Melissa essential oil has changed my life! Melissa is very calming to me. I ingest three drops of this oil every morning along with three other essential oils.

    dōTERRA Frankincense essential oil

    On Guard

    Protective Blend

    I use all of the On Guard products daily which helps to reduce toxins in the home! I diffuse OnGuard every day especially in winter to support my entire family's immune system. I love the laundry soap, concentrated cleaner, toothpaste, foaming hand soap, sanitizing mist...I love the entire product line!

    dōTERRA Serenity essential oil


    Restful Blend

    Serenity is very calming and relaxing to me. As soon as I smell this oil, it makes me smile and take a deep breath. The aroma is warm, floraI, and herbal. I diffuse this oil every night in the bedroom. If I am feeling extreme angst, I will apply it to the bottom of my feet as I prepare for bed.

  • My Recommendations

    I use and refer to books and apps on a regular basis.

    Modern Essentials book 11th edition

    Modern Essentials book

    11th Edition

    A complete guide to dōTERRA essential oils. A simple, easy-to-use format to help you quickly find essential oil information. Every September, a new edition is released as dōTERRA adds new essential oils to their product line.

    Modern Essentials Plus app

    Modern Essentials Plus

    App for iPhone

    Found in the App Store, the Modern Essentials Plus app complements the Modern Essentials book. I use this app weekly to look up health issues and the recommended essential oils to use. Be aware, it is an expensive app that is renewed annually but, in my opinion, well worth the price!

    The Essential Life book

    The Essential Life book

    6th Edition

    The perfect essential oil reference guide for both novice and expert oil users. Fully updated with the latest research and expertly written to help you quickly find the perfect oil or oil blend. This essential oil reference guide provides you with easy-to-use steps, tips for usage, and in-depth, expert-level knowledge. Every home needs one! **Now updated with the 2019 oils.

    Essentials Of the Earth Books app

    Essentials of the Earth Books

    App for iPhone

    An encyclopedia of information about essential oils, blends and their application for wellness benefits. The primary content is a listing of over 350 health concerns and included with them is a brief description of the health concern, what essential oils are suggested, how to apply them and the experiences others have had. Beyond this there are included an overview of what essential oils are and where they come from, a summary of how essential oils are used, a glossary of terms associated with essential oils for those new to their use and details on how to use essential oils safely.

    SpOil Your Pet app

    SpOil Your Pet

    App for iPhone

    A unique app condensed from the popular book! Now it’s easy to care for your dog or cat naturally—at home or on-the-go. “SpOil Your Pet” quickly shows how to safely and effectively use essential oils for over 50 animal health concerns.


    • Alphabetical listing of conditions.

    • Recipes

    • Scroll or search option.

    • Medical definitions.

    • Oil recommendations for dogs and cats.

    • Application methods for dogs and cats.


    Co-authored by a veterinarian and an immunologist both experienced in holistic and mainstream medical care. Protect and care for your pet—download the app today!

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